Indies rock? Do you know how?

Tamara's One Stop Indie Shop
My first experience purchasing an Indie book was as far back as when I was 19yrs old. Believe it or not, independent authors and publishers were around even then. And you know what esle…they had a following too.
I purchased my first Indie title directly from the author who spoke at my college. Did I know she was independently published? Nope. Did I care? Nope.

All I cared about was that she captured me with the first poem out of her book. That poem spoke to me.

As a city girl, I grew up where indie authors sold their books at vendor tables throughout the downtown district. It was one of my favorite past-times and the only way I found books that had characters of color on them that looked like me. Or stories about city-life from the author that stood right there and came to my city to talk about their books.
NOW fast forward to my journey…
When I wrote my first book, I got an offer from two small presses. But was disappointed in the lack of control and vision I had in my success or failure. My husband took on the mantel of publisher for my books and I partnered with him in doing so. And you know what, I’ve reached more people with my books than I ever thought possible. I’ve mentored others in this journey of owning a business as a publisher and looking at your writing as a business. And, humbly, I’ve met some authors, publishers, encouragers and readers along the way that have touched my life so deeply that I’ve appreciated this journey.
So you may ask me, why I rock, well I can say because with hard work, motivation and the support of so many, I’ve accomplished more than I’ve dreamed possible. AND I’m able to offer a true helping of the cultures I see mixed and books written in male pov that I was told there wasn’t an audience for. Guess what, I found my audience and it’s you!
Here’s a sneak peek of my coming release: Purgatory Reign, if you like it and would like to be a reviewer for it, comment below.
And here’s more Indies that rock!
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~ by LM Preston on November 2, 2012.

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