Inspiration? You got some?

The Olypics has been a major inspiration to me. Major!

You know who this is?

What about her?

And isn’t this powerful?

In these hard times of a sagging economy (although some people still have money, lol) we have wanted to be inspired, pushed, encouraged by HEROES!

But we all have the power to become one. Yeah, we do. I never thought that writing a book. Something I must admit to doing selfishly for myself. The one thing that allows me to escape and become – well someone amazing (all my characters to me are amazing, lol) has turned me into … well a Super Hero. It has in that it pulls from me much more than I ever thought I could give. I wake up early, sleep really late, survive on 6 hrs of sleep only to work a day job I love – but I find time to write. To reach out. To share a piece of myself with other people.

However, I’ve been upping my game as a hero. Wanting more. So as I’ve toured to promote my book, I realized that the writing – oh that’s just the bottom of the iceburg to the benefits of writing.

Teenagers have hugged me.

They have said I inspired them.

They’ve wrote me letters.

They have touched my heart.

And the fact that in such a little way, I have touched someone and bought them on my adventure – in hopes that, they too can grow from it the way I have. Has quite frankly amazed me and gifted me with something PRICELESS.

‘okay, I’m getting teary eyed.’


A mom or dad who is raising her kids on her own.

The fireman or police officer that saved a life

A boy or girl that stopped their friend from using drugs.

A survivor of tragedy.
And one I know and love that I see very often, my best friend, who as a single mom lost her job, and was diagnosed with Devics disease and who can’t walk – looked at me and told me she will walk for her kid. And you know what … she will 😀

I saw her take her first step this weekend.

I saw her pull herself up the stairs through serious pain.

I saw her never once break down and cry, even though I knew that alone she had, but all she had for me and her kids was – smiles.

To me, she is my hero. My Olympian. My inspiration.

* THANKS to everyone who helped make my book baby, BANDITS #1*

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~ by LM Preston on August 27, 2012.

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