Stop the Violence?

Does Violence Beget Violence?

My heart is extremely heavy lately. With the recent Colorado theatre shooting it’s broken. You all may not know this about me but I am an other and I have a day gig in which I work with some pretty amazing and wonderful people.

Well just 3 weeks ago, one of my employees went to Colorado for the first time to visit his new niece who was born just 3 months prior. While there with his family, they decided go to the park to hear some live music and picnic. Sadly while there a gang fight took place, and his daughter saw a female police officer shot down right in front of her. But that wasn’t the worst to come. After running through crowds of panicked people, fighting gang members with his daughters and wife. The very next day while eating at a restaurant some distance from the previous incident, there was a shooting right in front of the restaurant during the time they were eating.

After they returned home, his daughters have been having post traumatic stress. As a 9 year old and 11 year old his kids will probably never forget it.

However, for me, as a young person I saw violence up close and personal most everyday. So much so, I became a bit disensitized to it. I built up this outer exterior that was no longer shocked.

And now with the onslaught of movies, books, shows, video games, and heck the news, is society breeding a group of young people that accept violence easily?

~ by LM Preston on July 23, 2012.

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