Writing. It is an escape of my own creation. When I first started writing, I believe I was around 11yrs old. The same age as my daughter. But before then, I used to play with my dolls and pretend to be someone different – someone who had the life I thought I wanted. When I didn’t have dolls with me to pretend with, I would ‘act’ out scenes in my head and even imitate characters. It was my way of entertaining myself when I was alone.

Now writing has even more of a powerful pull on my life. My day job is hectic and challenging – although I love it and do amazing things that I couldn’t have dream of being a part of – but in my head, the creative process doesn’t stop there. Writing allows me to be someone else, to recapture my youth, to become a villain, to be a superhero, to live in places that are out of this world, to get the guy I always wanted in high school and to just have a place that’s under my complete control.

It is a passion that pushes me beyond the boundaries of the world I live in and allows me to explore the unimaginable.

I will admit there are days I wonder why I keep at it. Even days, I want to quit, but for some reason I just can’t.

~ by LM Preston on July 10, 2012.

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