My Characters and Their Mother’s

I’ve written two series in which the parents are deeply involved in the plot. For Mother’s Day I wanted to share an excerpt from each.

THE PACK (Book 1 – The Pack series)

Here’s an excerpt from THE PACK, with Shamira and her mother:

Shamira took a whiff and smelled spaghetti. Mom must have had a good day today, she thought. Her mom only made spaghetti on the good days. The days that Shamira wasn’t home to start dinner, her mom always cooked. However, on the bad days, her mom would order takeout. The pizza delivery driver knew them pretty well, as most days lately were bad ones.


EXPLORER X-ALPHA (Book 1, Explorer X Series)

Here’s an excerpt from Explorer X-Alpha, Aadi with his mother.

His mother grabbed him and held him tight to her chest in a big hug and said, “No matter what, I love you. If anything – and I mean ANYTHING – happens that you don’t like, call me on the telenex, and don’t let anyone know you have it.”

Aadi pulled back from her. He saw a tear in her eye, and he lifted his eyebrows in confusion and said, “Sure, Mom, I will.”


There aren’t many YA or MG books where the parents are alive or working toward the heath and safety of their kids, so I wanted to show two of my series in which there was a strong role given to mom.

Enjoy and Happy Mother’s Day!

~ by LM Preston on May 13, 2012.

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