Explorer X-Beta Facebook Release Party will be Rockin’!

Saturday March 31st is the Facebook Jam PARTY!

I’m so excited to announce the details about the star studded guest that will be running the party at my Explorer X-Beta Facebook Release Party!

Here’s the PARTEE – link to here the buzz:

Spotlight Author Guest Hosts Keeping the Party Rolling will be:
LM Preston to kick it off – Yours Truly

12pm-1pm (EST) – LM Preston party kickoff

1pm-2pm – Willow Cross

2pm-3pm – Leah Diane Hutchinson

3pm-4pm – C. Lee McKenzie

4pm-5pm – Norwood Holland

6pm-7pm – Alivia Anders

7pm-8pm – Alicia ‘Kat’ Dilman

8pm-9pm –KaSonndra Leigh

9pm-10pm – Kristi M Worrell

10pm-11pm – Shevi Arnold

The Party Rundown!

11 hour marathon of Spotlight Authors, trivia games, food, itunes gift cards, list of freebie party favors, interactive chatting, singing, dancing, nonstop games, music, prizes and free stuff!! Author segments each hour that are themed and more giveaways!!!

Also having a Twitter release party on Tuesday April 3th, sponsored by #AAMBCBookParty so follow that hashtag on 4/3 if you want to party more 😀

Virtual Tour Schedule for Explorer X-Beta More Prizes More Fun:

April 8th: Mariah @ A Readers Adventure
April 8th: The Plot Thickens
9th: Angie @ My Four Monkeys
10th: Glenda @ Book Reader’s Heaven
11th: Krystal @ Live To Read
12th: Nicole @ Purple Peguin Reviews
13th: Shelia @ Shelia Deeth
14th: Luke @ Luke Reviews
15th: Andrea @ So Many Books, So Little Time
16th: Stormi @ Books, Movies, Reviews. Oh my! (Guest Post Only)
17th: Dee @ Book Zone

~ by LM Preston on March 19, 2012.

7 Responses to “Explorer X-Beta Facebook Release Party will be Rockin’!”

  1. Sounds amazing! But is the party on the same day as the twitter release?

  2. Very cool. Congrats on the upcoming release!

  3. Sounds like it’s going to be great, LM!

  4. The Facebook Release Party is Saturday, March 31st…and the party continues with a Twitter Release Book Party on Tues. April 3rd, then rolling into the blog tour. Whoopi!

  5. I’m jazzed. You, LM, are amazing!

  6. Awesome. Good luck w/ the new book.

  7. Congratulations on your book! I love the cover!

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