How Parties Change from Teen To Adult

Parties! Partee! Partay!

Well after watching Project X which has got to be one of the craziest party experiences moviewise ever I started to realize that the older you get the more boring the parties get.


My first memory of my birthday party was when I was around 5 yrs old. My great-grandmother actually gave me a Surprise Birthday Party. At that age it was the coolest thing I could have asked for. She had everyone hide – even the adults. And when I got home and she told me she had nothing planned for my birthday, everyone jumped out of their hiding place. I don’t even remember the gifts I got I only remember that great experience.


Wow, when I think back to my first house party as a teen – wowsa! I had a blast, got my first kiss, did my first slow dance and danced in rythm with my girlfriends to show off in front of the boys. And jumped up and down waiting for the next party.


Now I have to admit – out of all the partying I’ve done in my life -the parties I went to in college was sweat on the wall parties. Man oh Man did I have a blast. I danced all night long (I loved to dance) and we did the soul train line, I was able to drink a bit (never drank to the point of drunkeness since it just wasn’t safe and I loved being in control of my actions) but I love to party. The best were at these makeshift clubs called ‘go-go’s’ where street bands played. Also, you couldn’t beat a good fraternity party either.


Now as an adult, I don’t even want to go to a party. Why? THEY ARE BORING…all people do now is sit around and talk, drink, and maybe – just maybe I can get someone to play cards. No more dance contest, sweat on the wall, singing outloud to the songs or break dancing.

See why I write YA – I want to relive the party. If you do then go check out the party movie of the year, PROJECT X


~ by LM Preston on March 15, 2012.

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