Wierd Places You’ve Bought Books

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I’ve purchased books in many different places.

Of course there’s the typical Book Store. But where have you purchased books that you never would have thought to buy them.

Here’s my list:

– Street Vendors: Lots of big cities have street vendors that thrive and have regular customers. I purchased many of my books as a teen from street vendors because there weren’t many bookstores around.

– Out of someone’s car: Yes I did. On a trip to NY and visiting the city, I purchased music and books out our people cars and …. big cloth bags that they dragged around.

– In Hawaii at Waipo Valley: Just before we went on a hike.

– A bar: I purchased a book that was themed in the bar. I purchased it since it was a murder mystery.

– The Flea Market: I visited the flea market in Baltimore and wanted to read some Urban books and boy they had a lot. So, I purchased quite a few. Also, I recently took my cousin there while she visited and she purchased some from there too!

– On The Subway – Metro Center, in DC: I started talking to some lady on the train and just so happened she was an author. I asked her if she had any of her books and she did. I bought it right there on the train.

<span style=”font-weight:bold;”>SO WHERE ARE SOME OF THE ODD PLACES YOU’VE PURCHASED BOOKS?</span>

~ by LM Preston on March 5, 2012.

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