Thinking Big Has Gained Me A Lot

I could never figure out when it first happened. That defiant, growling spirit within me that screamed ‘No!’ but when it happened, that was the turning point in my life.

Now that I think back on it, I remember it.


I think I was around ten when I was backed in a corner at the playground and kids were snatching away pieces of my candy that fell to the ground.

Something rose up in me – greed, maybe need, maybe just plain fury. I don’t know, but I screamed, “No! My candy” and fought away grubby little hands away from my candy.


Well then I just started to think differently. Nope, not then, but later it built up. When I realized that I wasn’t as brilliant as my best friend. But she did me a favor and said, “So what if you have to work harder – we’ll still end up at the same place.”



Well here I am, I’ve queried, I’ve pitched, I’ve pimped my manuscript and got only a small nibble – but that was before.

Now, my books are out there – birthed to the world and you know what?

My old friend’s comment came back.

“So what if you have to work harder – we’ll still end up at the same place.”

SO? ARE YOU READY TO THINK BIG? Here’s what thinking big has gotten me…

– A great career beyond what I’ve ever imagined
– Wonderful family that is making me wonder if they are really my kids or someone beamed them down to me from a distant planet
– Stories that come out of my head – and people actually want to read them.
– And more adventures to come

~ by LM Preston on February 20, 2012.

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