I’ve Been Inspired!

The beginning of the year I was exhausted. And started to think, maybe kicking out three manuscripts was a tall order. Maybe, I didn’t want to write for a small while. You know take a break, evaluate if this is something I need to keep doing – for myself.


Then my 10yr old daughter came to me with her manuscript – YEP, she had written five full pages of her story. She loves animals and wrote a story about a baby lion named Theo who wanted to unit the species of his land.

OMG! This is why I write – not just for me, but for myself and others. My little girl told me, “I want to write like you mommy. Maybe you can help me with my story.”


Then I get an email from one of my writer friends, telling me she needs me to motivate her to finish her book.


Then it came … another idea for a series. And the promise to my little girl to help her write her story.

AND IT BEGINS AGAIN … inspiration

~ by LM Preston on January 11, 2012.

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