Staying Positive for The New Year


When I look at all the wonderful and amazing things that happen to me in 2011 I get a shiver of excitement. Now don’t take that to mean that there weren’t some serious pitfalls, struggles, sadness and heart clenching moments – there were many. But even though bad things happened, some really wondrous things happened too!

THE BEST THING – DREAM I could DREAM CAME TRUE but with tragedy

I always wanted to meet author, LA Banks, who was a best selling author of the Vampire Huntress series. After stalking uh…following her on twitter, Facebook and such I reached out to her to be a guest on since she had just self-published her first YA novel, Shadow Walker.

WOULD you believe it, she contacted me and the invite grew to a friendship. Because, well even though she was a Best Selling Author … she had a heart of pure gold, a loving nature and a giving spirit. She encouraged me to write the then WIP I told her about.

BUT it gets better! I invited her to an event in April, the Maryland’s Writer’s Convention and she came. Meeting her was a breath of fresh air. She also returned the money we gave her to come as a donation to the organization.

THEN tragedy struck when I found out just 4 months later that she was dying of cancer.


I knew at that moment she visited me with the possibility of knowing that she was ill. And all she did was smile and talk about how blessed she was.

and if you believe it, make a plan, be happy with your accomplishments … who knows you will achieve it or more!

~ by LM Preston on January 2, 2012.

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