Ghost Train To Freedom by Faith Reese Martin

Please welcome our TEEN BOOK REVIEWER, Nyia who will be giving us the skinny on this great historical adventure!

Ghost Train To Freedom by Faith Reese Martin

Genre: Children’s Fiction
Pub Date: February 2012
ISBN: 978-1-60800-014-2
Lavishly illustrated by Barry Sachs
Categories: Pre-teen+, Adventure, Historical Fiction
“What Price Freedom?”

Join two teenage time travelers on an exciting adventure as they risk their own safety and freedom to become conductors on the most dangerous train in history: the Underground Railroad.

This subtle history lesson empowers readers to understand that they, too, can take a stand against wrong and make a difference. The author skillfully weaves sound moral guidance around this historic framework into a compelling fantasy adventure.

The book will be accompanied by a Literary Guide for use in the classroom and by homeschoolers.

Faith’s story is packed with meticulous research about the URR and its famous “conductors,” as well as unknown homesteaders and everyday citizens, both black and white, who listened to their hearts and supported these brave people in their efforts to lead so many slaves to freedom and change America forever.


When my mom first gave me this book I wasn’t interested in reading a historical, much less one about slavery. I just hate that part of American History because it bothers me to know that my great-great grandparents were slaves. But after I read this book I was amazed at how people of both races helped each other and changed history. The book’s main character Jinx takes you through time to help people who are helped by the underground railroad. Max is her companion and when they talk the dialogue sounds like an older person but it doesn’t make you stop reading. It was suspenseful experiencing what the slaves had to go through to be free. Jinx would see these things through dreams and the book started with the dream that made her travel to the past. The author made learning about history interesting and I’d like to try out some of her other books. I give Ghost Train To 3.5 Freedom stars.

~ by LM Preston on December 20, 2011.

One Response to “Ghost Train To Freedom by Faith Reese Martin”

  1. The Ghost Train author says a great BIG thank-you to Nyia for her candid, nice review. I love hearing from my readers, because their comments help me to become a better writer for young people. Check out my new website at for exciting news about new books in the JMP History Mystery series! Also check and @ghosttrainbook on Facebook. Great job Nyia! Hold your head up high for your brave ancestors, whose suffering helped to make America a better country for everyone.

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