Ebook vs Paperback Book Sales by Genre

Chart provided by: Adventures In EPublishing Blog
This Thursday at 9pm EST Mid-Atlantic Book Publishers (MBPA) will have a twitter chat (use hashtag #MBPA)to weigh in on this topic further.


Recently my publisher and I (I am part owner of Phenomenal One Press) reviewed our sales numbers for all of our titles. What we found was a definite trend in changes. Some were pleasantly pleasing. Others were no surprise.


Initially our sales for The Pack were mainly in paperback in 2010. But at the end of 2010 and into 2011 our ebook sales far outshine our paperback sales. It caused us to change our release models for 2012. Also, it saves us a ton of money on returns and printing. After the first print run, we now do Print-On-Demand to save cost.

Paperback Sales: To local bookstores we sold to, a few libraries, amazon purchases. In 2010 that was the major source of our sales.

Ebook Sales: Wowsa has this increased from 2010! We are consistently selling our ebooks monthly in this genre. Almost to the point of outselling our paperbacks. To be honest that’s not too surprising since we see a spike in the paperback sales when the book initially comes out, then a slight peak when another title is release or after our marketing boost of cold-calling and visits to stores that carry our paperback books.

Also, now when I do book signings people ask if its in ebook. I now carry ebook postcards and paste download codes on the card for buyers that want an ebook copy of my books.


Paperback Sales: Our Middle Grade (MG) sales much better in Paperback consistently. It sales well at in person book signings, local stores and some libraries. We’ve seen consistent sales in our paperbacks that increases with each new release.

Ebook Sales: in 2009 when the series first came out there were absolutely 0 ebooks sold in 2009. In 2010 we saw an increase of maybe 2-4 copies a month. In 2011, it only increased to max of 10 copies a few months when one of our other titles came out. Although, we see an increase in numbers we don’t believe many kids this age have ereaders. They still like to touch, feel, and read a book in hand. The idea of searching through an ebook catalog of books turns off my now 10yr old so I’m not surprised. However, my 14yr old would love to have her own ereader.http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif


Oh, check out this nifty Pie-Chart on EBOOK SALES by Derek Canyon.

– Romance (YA/Adult/All other kinds)
– YA (definite growth and growing more and more every year)
– Mysteries and Thrillers

HIDDEN GEMS that sell well in EBOOK Market

– Short Stories. Anthologies. (These do exceptionally well in the ebook market. Most people don’t mind spending $0.99 for 35K-50K short. Although a 5-7K short I’ve seen get bad reviews because it was too short for the reader to feel as though it was worth the $0.99-$2.99 I’ve seen charged for them)

~ by LM Preston on October 18, 2011.

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