Have U Changed Your BOOK Buying HABITS?

So, have you done it? Turned, simulated, and changed your book buying habits since the onset of ebooks and ereaders?

I was a library, bookstore groupie. I would hang out in the library for hours. And for me, that wasn’t a lot. I lived in DC and would visit the Library of Congress and just… hang out and read. Being in that large, stately building of books, oh the smell… indescribable. But my first love was the neighborhood library where I used to walk to get…peace. Looking back on my life as a young person, I had a lot of drama, but I loved to dream and the city library let me do it.

Grew up, got out of college, had kids and … would sneak off to the bookstore on my lunch break. I’d scoop up tons of books for my weekend all night reading sessions in bed. Then hooked my kids on my favorite hide out, the local library.

BUT now…
I’m an ebook addict. It happened. Not over night but gradually for me. I started buying ebooks when I would be stuck at work, at my desk and have to stay in for a 30 min lunch break. So I started to buy quick short stories to read on my computer at work while I ate. It got to the point where I was downloading 1 a day. After I got my ereader…well, the rest is history. I have bookshelves filled with googobs of books, but mostly for my kids who don’t have ereaders. But even my 8 yr old said he wanted one and I’ve ordered books for him and my 10yr old who fight over my reader. Not to mention my teen who wants her own this Christmas.

THE Future…
It’s happening. With the closing of our local bookstore, buying more books online at book festivals or downloading onto an ereader is a much easier option.

From a Author/Publisher Perspective…
More and more of my MG are staring to sell in ebooks, although the lionshare of the sales are in paperback. My YA’s started off selling more in paperback, until I put them in ebook and they are selling far better than my paperback books. Which is great for the publishing company since we don’t have to print so many initial runs of books. And the cost for producing ebooks is much cheaper.


~ by LM Preston on September 22, 2011.

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