Famished by Lauren Hammond

Can I hear you snapping your fingers to welcome her? She’s here to give us the 411 on a new book she read by Lauren Hammond.

Hello ya’ll! Teen book Reviewer NYIA is in the house!


There is no United States. There is no world. An asteroid has destroyed what the human race knew as earth and The Great Famine has wiped out most of the surviving human population. For the few remaining survivors, food is scarce– precious–a luxury. A luxury that most humans can’t find.

Seventeen year old Georgina Carver is fortunate. She’s survived the destruction. She eats three times a day while the rest of humanity is plagued by The Great Famine. And she’s safe, hidden away in an underground colony with her family and several other families of survivors.

All of that changes the day she’s randomly selected to be a gatherer. Georgina must leave her safe yet simple world and venture out into a world unknown. A vast, dangerous, destroyed world that could literally eat her alive.

After Georgina is severely injured, her life begins to fall apart. She can’t remember how she got home or what happened to her while she was on the new earth. The boy she is crushing on avoids her and she keeps having visions that involve an unknown person with violet eyes.

As Georgina begins to unravel the truth, it doesn’t take her long to figure out that maybe her safe yet simple life isn’t that safe at all.


This is a good dystopian. The main character lives underground in a post apocalypse. Her dad built an underground home for her family. The mean adults sent kids out to scavenge for food with a boy that was her non-crush that she fights against liking. So while they were gathering stuff the boy left her in danger. I like that she still continued with her job even though her partner left her. Then it gets even more dangerous when cannibals were chasing them! Her mom came to the rescue which I liked. But things didn’t get better for her after that, she snooped around and walked into another mess that told about the deceit of her people. And I can’t give it away for you, but it was a great twist. I gave it 4 out of 5 half-eaten apples. I love the excitement and twist. My only frustration was with the ending, I wanted more. I understand there is supposed to be another book, but I wanted more closure. But I loved the main character and the way she pulled me into the story.

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~ by LM Preston on September 1, 2011.

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