Oh this year I had a blast visiting the CONS like Balticon, ComicCon and I have FaerieCon and Katsucon coming up.

It’s a quick way to get my imaginative juices running, meet new people and have a good time. In addition it’s a fun place to do signings. Only problem is I usually purchase more than the profit I make from these events because the stuff they have is so unique and fun.

The prices to these events are reasonable and most of them let you bring younger kids for free.


I started doing this even about 2 years ago. They keep inviting me backa and my family and I love to go. I usually purchase all kinds of art, tidbits, books, and tshirts from this event. They also have some great talks. Not to mention I love seeing all the people dressed up and having fun.

COMIC CON (Baltimore)

This year was my first time attending this event. I got to meet Stan Lee (the lines were horrible). However, the costumes were awesome. The artist there were amazing, inventive and nice. I even met several indie comic book publishers that impressed me with their work. Not to mention the detailed figurines I saw there of all the Marvel heros.


This is for me and my daughters. I’ll be signing books here for a few hours, but mostly just evaluating if it’s a good fit for my books. Not only that – who can resist faeries? I can’t wait to see all the decorative Faerie wings and to purchase some figurines for my desk at work.


Anime at it’s best. It’s a local event and I can’t wait to check this one out. Lot’s of artist, some people dressing up. Talks and interesting displays are to be anticipated. This event I can’t wait to check out.


~ by LM Preston on August 31, 2011.

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