Why BEA is the bomb for Pubs, Authors & Readers!

This was my first year attending the BEA Conference, and can I tell you – it was awesome! I’m going to be tweeting about the great books I got while at BEA and listing my favs so stay tuned.


This was the greatest moment of my career as an author and gave me such joy to have signed and given away 100 books at the event this week. The support I got was overwhelming. Especially since I’ve always been concerned that ‘writing in Boy’ wasn’t the most popular thing to do. But because there were very little books featuring male pov’s I was pleasantly surprised to meet people interested in my series. Not to mention, I loved visiting with people who were excited to meet my characters.

WHY ALL AUTHORS should Attend

Whether you are traditionally published, self-published, or trying to get published this is a great networking event. Not only that, but it is an inspiring event as you meet other authors getting their book hustle on, publishers even lit agents hang out at these events. Also, it’s a great way to learn the opportunities within the business. As a self-published author (entrepreneurs) it’s a way to showcase your book to booksellers, lit agents, librarians, bloggers as well as meet organizations that support publishers and such.

WHY ALL PUBLISHERS (Tiny to Big) should Attend

This is also a great place for publishers (small, new, large) to network with publishers interested in purchase of international rights for books. So if you are a small press (like we are) you can pitch to other publishers to sell your International Rights to your books. Also, you can find out all the new things happening in publishing. Definitely attend the IBPA publishing university which is a great learning tool for small press and self-pubbers.

WHY READERS should Attend

FREE books, celebrity authors, tons of parties, meet new and exciting authors, more free books, Blog World – learn how to turn your reading into a business adventure. Networking – yep, readers can network here too and talk one on one to authors, industry heads and have a blast. Meet celebrities – yep, I got to meet James Patterson, Little Wayne, Tony Hawk and so many more celebrity peeps.

SO, Why would you tell an Author, Small Press, Large Pub, Reader, Blogger to attend?

~ by LM Preston on May 27, 2011.

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