BANDITS was released early in EBOOK

Yippee! I have a lot to be happy about. We just released Bandits in ebook format. This was the first time we did it ourselves – hands on when my publisher hobnobbed with some other small presses and they told him it was best to upload the books ourselves rather than have our servicer do it. Oh, they said it would be easy. Well, ebook to Kindle was definitely easy. Ebook to Smashwords took five attempts before it was formatted correctly for the Premium Catalogue which gets your ebook formatted to Barnes.

$2.99 is the intro price for Bandits in Kindle ( and Smashwords.

$0.99 The Pack in Kindle ( and B&N (May-June) (

$0.99 Explorer X-Alpha in Kindle ( and B&N (May-June) (

The big Paperback Release day is June 1st! So get yours at pre-order price now.

TOUR Plans for MAY

*Tip* on the right of my blog there are links and In Person tour dates. (

Gaithersburg Book Festival on May 21st

Book Expo America!!

I’ll be giving away FREE BOOKS and signing on May 25th (look me up LM Preston).

~ by LM Preston on May 9, 2011.

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