PROM What’s the Deal?

PROM What does it mean to you?

Well it’s prom time. My son is a Junior in High School and was scrambling around at the last minute to find a date, a tux, a limo, and an after party.

I have to admit, as a girl, I loved, loved, loved proms. But I only ever went to one – my senior prom. I skipped out on my Junior prom because I didn’t have a boyfriend at the time, or the money to spend on a dress and all that went with the big event. Truthfully, I was rather humbug about it.


Now, looking back, I’m glad I went, got the picture, and been there done that. It was the one day – save my wedding day that I had an excuse to look the part of the Princess. I didn’t have money for a limo, but my cousin drove a rental car my mom got for me and my date. He was our personal chauffeur who took us to an expensive diner (okay – not that expensive) and then to prom. However, just like Cinderella I wasn’t able to do the after ball activities – my mother distinctively reminded me that no decent girl should be out until dawn, doing who knows what, and coming home a baby momma (trust me, I rolled my eyes at that warning.)

Am I glad I went – sure am. Even though my then boyfriend decided at that time to reveal that he was only 14yrs old to my 16yrs old – I ABOUT DIED! That’s something he shared at our cozy, adult dinner. I swore him into secrecy for the prom and not only that – the guy was flirting with other girls. So, what did I do – well, flirt with other boys too! The night ended with my cousins dropping us off after prom, and his dad picking him up. Yes, he was too cute, and I was too dressed up to deny him a kiss goodnight. Needless to say, the relationship ended shortly after prom, we remained friends.


I would have so went. Maybe with a different guy – one that could drive, lol! I would have ditched out of prom early – let’s admit it, the actual prom was pretty boring, and went to the after-party at my friend’s house (everyone was raving about it the next week in school).


Now that it’s time for my kids to have a prom, I’m sooo excited for them. I love picking out the tux, the dresses, the limo and joining in their excitement all over again.


HERE’s some great PROM READS:

~ by LM Preston on April 28, 2011.

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