SOURCE CODE – Movie Review

Fandango Blurb:

Jake Gyllenhaal headlines this sci-fi time-travel thriller directed by Moon’s Duncan Jones from a script by Ben Ripley and Billy Ray. A bomb explodes on a Chicago train, derailing the locomotive and killing hundreds. In an attempt to identify the bomber and prevent another, larger attack on downtown Chicago, Captain Colter Stevens (Gyllenhaal) agrees to take part in a clandestine government experiment dubbed “Source Code,” which allows him to enter the body of a male passenger during the eight minutes before the man is killed. But during his first trip back, Capt. Stevens fails to gather enough clues to prevent the second attack. With time quickly running out, he repeats the mission ad nauseam in a desperate race to head off one of the most deadly terrorist attacks ever to take place on American soil.

My 2cents 😀

I have to tell you, I didn’t want to go see this movie. My husband dragged me out on a ‘date’ night and it was his turn to pick the movie. When it first started I was as disoriented as the character seemed. I didn’t know what was going on. But I have to admit, it kept me engaged with the tension and the unfolding of the truths. Now the rewind of the scenes over and over again – I have to admit, annoyed me a bit. However, each time he’d find out something more, or the scene would change in small ways to help you figure out who the bomber was. Now, I did figure out the movie’s plot about half-way through (I don’t know maybe it’s the writer in me) but I liked the way it unfolded and how at the end it was nicely summed up. I give this a 2.5 flashbacks since I enjoyed myself, but I wasn’t overly wowed. I didn’t fall asleep and stayed engaged and entertained throughout the movie.

~ by LM Preston on April 4, 2011.

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