I AM NUMBER 4-Movie Review

Okay, what can I say but it’s been a sucky movie season and this movie looked like it rocked. In a few words I can sum it up for you, “Don’t believe the hype!”

This is the blurb from Fandango.com
Three are dead. He is Number Four. D.J. Caruso (“Eagle Eye,” “Disturbia”) helms an action-packed thriller about an extraordinary young man, John Smith (Alex Pettyfer), who is a fugitive on the run from ruthless enemies sent to destroy him.




Maybe I’m biased because I’ve watched tons of scifi movies, read scifi books, write YA scifi, but dag on, this had so much more potential on the big screen and they literally blew most of it. Not to mention the mediocre acting, lame script, and the unbelievable stupid lines in it all. I groaned and so did my husband up until, the best part….the part that we wished would have been laced throughout the entire movie – the action packed, speed induced fight scene at the end.

The opening part of the movie unveils the mystery who is John Smith, he falls in love with a hometown girl with an addiction to taking pictures that include him. His protector is freaked that she is going to give away is cover and wants to leave. John refuses because hey – he’s fallen in love, and for his kind, they only ever fall in love once. Now I have to admit the guy that played the role is a hottie, but the girl they paired him up with … boring! Why couldn’t he fall in love with the hot, bad, girl that saved his sorry hide? Anyways, we don’t see her until the end when it appears she decides to save his butt in order to save her own. Oh, and the lights in his hands reminds me of ET or the movie Cacoon.

Because the ending more than made up for the dragging of the beginning, I give this movie a 3 brands out of 5 (I use brands because he gets a brand – burn, every time one of his kind dies).


I AM NUMBER FOUR, by BY Lore, Pittacus. I’m naughty bad, the book is sitting on my shelf. I just got it the day before we went to see the movie. I sure hope it’s a lot better than the movie was. It got great reviews, so I’m betting it is. Here’s the link to buy yours- Click.

~ by LM Preston on February 28, 2011.

2 Responses to “I AM NUMBER 4-Movie Review”

  1. That there has been such a run of dreadful SF-tinged films in the last few years (Jumper, Knowing, Next, Push…) has left me in the unshakable position that Sturgeon’s Law is simply no longer all-encompassing enough to deal with Hollywood output – and this is the same studio system which once gave us delights such as Blade Runner and 2001… I despair at the thought there might be people in the audience who view this current rash of releases as being on a par with the classics of the genre, and worry greatly about what adaptations of beloved texts will finally look like.

    Ten years ago I would have killed to see Ender’s Game on the big screen, but knowing what will most likely end up being filmed fills me with dread. Going to the cinema isn’t meant to make people think they would rather be home with a good DVD.

  2. I know, I don’t know if I’m just jaded with high expectations 😀

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