It’s funny, many people do various jobs, have hobbies and don’t realize that hey…I’m a writer too. One of the main group of hidden writers are Bloggers. Yep, bloggers. Lately, there’s been talk on the web about book bloggers, book reviewing and the strength of a bloggers review. Believe it, those book bloggers that read tons of books, have a following, and write reviews consistently are indeed WRITER’s.



I mean I’ve gone to some blogs that probably get more reads per day than some online book review magazines. Not to mention, they read, manage contest, tweet, and promote their site – amazing!

Trip Review, Movie Review, and Others that leave reviews

Do you realize that lots of people that write a review for a hotel, car service, trip, location, movie or etc tend to leave reviews regularly? Those people may not consider themselves writers, but when you write something that someone else can’t wait to read – you know what… you are a writer. I’ve gone to places like mousebuzz, tripadvisor, cruisecritic and etc to plan some of my trips and not only are there regular posters on those forums but some of the reviews are pretty darn extensive.

The closet writer

Many writers write only for themselves originally. Some only ever write for themselves. Others want to take it to the next level and get their stuff published. But the closet writer just likes to share the news, whatever that news is.

Did you start off as a closet writer? I DID. I used to write extensive Trip Reports for my friends, with pictures and itinerary included. They’d request them from me on a regular basis when they were traveling. I was also an avid forum hopper (on travel forums, Disney forums and movie spots). I just loved to share my experiences. Then one day, I came out of my hiding place and started to write, finish a book, started a blog, and still haven’t given up all of my closet writing.

Are you a Hidden Writer?

~ by LM Preston on February 17, 2011.

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