There’s Something Bigger than getting Published

I know, I know, you think I’m crazy. But when I did my recent book event, I realized what I love more than writing…having a forum to talk to others.

Writing a book, opened more doors than I ever could have imagined. And guess what? I’m not a Best Selling Author yet, I’m considered a Midlister. Meaning – I do okay. I sell some books, not hundreds of thousands, not millions, but a decent amount coming from a new small press publisher. But that’s not what keeps me writing.

I write because it makes me extremely happy, and my kids love, love, love hearing about my stories. To them – I’m the best. I also love it when I do a signing, book event, or am just talking to someone about the book and their eyes shine – like I did something great. But to me, writing is easy. It’s like breathing, I love it, my own guilty pleasure. Truly I personally don’t see it as a special or great accomplishment, because whether I sold books or not, I’d still be writing them… just for my enjoyment.



Writing your work, loving the writing, meeting others while writing and learning things about yourself while writing.


Getting stronger through the process. No one can tell me that letting beta readers read your stuff, rip it up to make it better, then having to pimp yourself out to tons of Lit Agents that reject you, then your Lit Agent pimps you out to a publishers who may reject you, to getting ‘not so nice’ book reviews doesn’t make a person stronger. It does, now I see that for me, I’m so much more laid back. Less intense about what people say or think, but better at taking the gold nuggets of positivity out and throwing away the negativity – why? Because I’ve come to far to stop, give up, or call in the towel.


This is one of my most treasured parts of this entire journey of getting and being published. I have a bonafide reason to talk to young people – they’ve always been my passion which is one of the reasons I love writing about their struggles and their strength. I’ve met hundreds of young people in the last year of my book promotion. They’ve hugged me, encouraged me, thanked me, and just plain showed me love in their most innocent ways – that’s why young people are so special. That’s why – I keep on writing for them. I already know that quite a few – get me and what I write, and they keep encouraging me to write more.

YEP, there is definitely more than getting PUBLISHED, its growing from the experience of the journey.

~ by LM Preston on December 5, 2010.

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