I will try to give an honest review, but with the pre-cursor that I’m biased. I just love the Harry Potter books. This movie is a continuation of the tale, and yes, you’ll want to see the other movies or at least read the book in order to truly ‘get’ the reason these kids are on the run, who died that is impacting their search and besides, you’ll just want to see all the other movies (even though the last one was kinda dull). This movie has lots of suspenseful moments and is closely aligned with the book. Unfortunately the only thing I didn’t like was that they stayed in that stupid forest for what seemed like forever. I had hoped that the movie would have cut out some of that wondering in the woods part that I had skimmed while reading the book. Anyways, even with their time in the woods, I still enjoyed the imagery, darkness and total mood of the movie. This is worth your money if you want to go to the movies, but if you decide to stay and wait for the video, it will play just as nicely at home. I give this movie a 4 out of 5 stars because they kept the part where Harry and the others stayed in the woods forever, just kinda wondering.


This movie was so cute. However, I guess Disney is on a GIRL POWER kick, because it seems like most of the leading men lately are just bums – no Prince Charming here. Well I have to admit I enjoyed the movie. There was a twist to this Rapunzel story, I won’t give it all away but the witch wasn’t very witchy except the way she acted and the reason for Rapunzel’s name was taken out in place of a magical flower the witch wanted. That twist wasn’t so bad and my girls fell in love with Rapunzel, only problem they said was the ‘prince’ seemed stupid, and was a criminal – Ye-ah, you heard me, he was a thief (of course we hope he reformed, at least it appeared that her love and her handy frying pan that she used to whack him with reformed him). Again, I say, my only beef with this movie was that the man that Rapunzel ended up with was a bum, just like the poor Princess in Princess and the Frog. Disney? What’s up? Why can’t a girl be smart, strong and still get a rich, dashing Prince? I give it a 3.5 stars out of 5. It was entertaining, great main character, but a bum of a Prince.

~ by LM Preston on November 28, 2010.


  1. Deathly Hallows – I love the books, but #7 wasn’t my favorite. the “in the woods” part of the book seemed to take forever too, and I hoped they would cut that down a bit in the movie, as they’ve cut down most of the dialogue in the previous movies to make space for more action/effects sequences. no such luck this time. it felt longer than it really was. probably the most loyal to the book HP movie so far!

    Tangled – haven’t seen it yet, but we probably will. it looks fun and cute. i guess to get a real prince you have to be blonde, dumb, and pretty?

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