Oh, today our teen guest book reviewer, NYIA is in the house!

NYIA had to do an assignment where she had to write a letter to King George, yr 1776 where she stated 5 historical facts in her break up letter.

I thought it would be a cute read, and introduction to her first writing on my blog. Please enjoy and comment. She checks the comments frequently on her post.


Year 1776
Dear King George the Third,

I am so sorry to say this, but we have grown apart and you have changed to a person, who frankly, I don’t like. I know that this may be hard to read but… it’s over between us. See, I am no damsel in distress and you have soldiers here in New England to “protect” me, yet the French and Indian war ended 13 years ago in 1763. Having soldiers here does not seem respectable after such a long time since the end of the war. Your actions have spoken louder than your excuse filled words and have shown me that you are over-possessive. What has also shown through with time is that you are a cheap scrooge who cares more about money than me. Not only did you send me soldiers that were not needed, but you put the Quartering Act into place so that I had no choice but to house and feed the soldiers who were strangers in my eyes. I am not made of money, nor am I a servant to those who do not reward me after my services.

Money has also driven you to become untrustworthy and not the charming man that I knew before. I am outraged that you would try to tax me without my word in the matter and try to hide the truth behind fogged glass. The Intolerable Acts were shocking, especially since they were meant to be hidden and collect at the ports so buyers would not see the tax. To be fair, I am glad that you repealed most of the acts, but I think you were ignorant to leave the Tea Act for me to pay. Honestly George William Frederick the Third, what Englishman or woman do you know who doesn’t drink tea? I am sure that you have your delicious tea tax free. I do know that the Boston Tea Party and other vandalism acts were made, but they were just trying to stand up to a jerk like you!

The thing that hurt me the most in the whole relationship is that soldiers of yours killed my friends in the Boston Massacre. Five colonists died in the attack from the soldiers, yet there was no apology from you. George, you can be so insensitive an unsympathetic! Those men surely had families and maybe even wives who will mourn over their lost, but it seemed like you didn’t even care enough to take a stand and say sorry for something you basically caused. One of those men was my neighbor, but you wouldn’t care as long as your money was paid and the soldiers were fine! Sorry, I got carried away.

Please don’t take any of my words to seriously, for they are filled with heartbreak and confusion. I know we’ve had some good times, but even writing this letter makes me even more angry and hurt. You know as well as I know that we can’t fight the way we do any longer. See, I am tired of constant fighting and disagreement and I know you are to. Let’s just do each other a favor and call of the whole relationship.

Yours Truly,

~ by LM Preston on November 2, 2010.

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