Those Villains You Love to Hate

Oh, yeah, I have love to hate many of villains. As a writer though, it’s real hard to stick around in their evil and mangled heads long enough to write them, but when I do… I expose a part of my imagination that sometimes even scares me. Makes me wonder how some of the great authors of horror and the most evilest villains sleep at night.


Evil to the core and on the edge of madness
These villains create reasoning within their mind for their evil deeds. You don’t like these guys because you know they are evil, and when you conjure them up – they ain’t pretty, not one single little bit.

Justifiably Evil VillainOh, these villains were victims themselves, but now they are hunters, killers, and sadistically flawed because of their past.

Seductively Evil Villain
I and many women love these. You know, the vampires, the gorgeous guy that oh, just happens to get a sick pleasure out of killing people. The charming, seductive, alluring, charismatic villain that makes you want to love him, but you know its just sooo sooo wrong. Why? Because he or she wants to … kill with know apparent reason. And they use all of that charm, things that we equate to good to do it.

The Vampire Lestat (or any handsome sexy Vamp), Eric in True Blood, Freddie Kruger, Hannibal Lector, Mr. Sinister, Bullseye, and The Joker…come on, share yours. It’s the season for villains.

SO HERE’s A BOOK, a blast from my reading past, WITH A VILLIAN YOU’LL LOVE as much as hate

Believe it or not, I read this when I was 15yrs old 😀

~ by LM Preston on October 20, 2010.

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