You know I’m fairly new to blogging books and sorts. I’m going on my first year. During this year I’ve grown as a blogger. I love it. It’s been a way to meet new people, to learn about great books and to find new ways to improve my craft.

However, what I’ve also found is several bloggers that have taken blogging to a different level. Who have in some ways become celebrity bloggers due to great content, the ability to get their little hands on arcs and to give great insight on books and the industry. In addition, I’ve notice that some bloggers don’t like the hater-raid that comes with success or lack there of. I would have never guessed how serious blogging could be until I started this endeavor myself.


I believe that many of the bloggers that get disappointed in their experiences do so because they want more out of blogging than just having someplace to put their thoughts on books, their lives, or things in general. They don’t separate their emotion from the act of blogging and probably share a bit too much of their personal views on the internet. We do have to remember that whatever is written on the internet – good or bad, has the potential to stay there FOREVER…yep, FOREVER, even when deleted.

Oh, some serious bloggers go to the big bloggers events and book events, even hob nob with publishers of all sizes and have taken their blogging about books to a business level. I think like with anything, plan what you want out of your blogging, do it professionally with the knowledge that you are going to have people haggle (why? Because you are on the internet and people that you don’t even know will want to use your site for their own promotion or make nasty comments just because they can) and lastly, do it because you want to.

When it’s not fun anymore, it’s okay to step away. Remember, your time should be spent on the things that you want to build in your life to make you happy.


I love blogging because I did sit down and consider what I wanted out of this before I started, and I’m enjoying it. My kids participate, my friends (old and new) participate and I’m always looking for new ways to improve and share some of my school of hard knocks lessons with others. Lastly, I’m prepared for what comes and everything I’ve written on my blog, I’m proud to say whether it’s on the internet or in front of a room full of people.

*So, how do you like my picture from the movie Home Alone…*

~ by LM Preston on September 9, 2010.

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