Oh NO! I’m An Ebook Lover

When did it happen? I couldn’t tell you. But within the last year, I’ve purchase more ebooks than I have actual books. Since I write YA, I pondered over the usefulness of my YA book being in ebook format simply because I didn’t believe the younger book buying public would purchase more ebooks than actual paperback. In that summation I’m correct… for now. Although, I believe that within about 5 to 7 years there will be an increase in the older teen group. My teens prefer to have a paperback book, only because I refuse to purchase them an expensive ipad (and you know they’ve asked! LOL!)

I started getting emails from fictionwise and ebooks.com and saw the cheap specials for books. I also hopped over to smashwords which was recommended by a friend and started searching for free books in order to try out new authors.

The reason I started shopping ebooks was simply because I didn’t have time to stop in my local bookstore (which recently closed down). Not only was I able to sample new authors works for free, some of the authors I liked had put their older works out in ebook form for great prices. Before I knew it, I was downloading more than I was going to the bookstore. Lastly, I can read a lot of small novels, short stories and novella’s in during a break.

Even though I purchased a lot of my books in ebook form, I still purchased a good number from the store simply because I love the in-store comforts. Also, I’m more likely to pick up a book I see on the shelf (which I have no idea what the reviews are, and I don’t even think to read the reviews for) mainly because the book and I am in the same place at the same time.


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~ by LM Preston on September 7, 2010.

One Response to “Oh NO! I’m An Ebook Lover”

  1. I’m wavering. I would no longer travel with my case half full of books: just load some on my ereader and it fits in my handbag, but I still love bookshops and buying books. Although at least my husband doesn’t demand I get rid of the ebooks to save space.

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