THE FALL by Guillermo Del Toro

I picked up this gem at the ALA conference. (I couldn’t resist, they said it was a Vampire Horror book!)

THE FALL was a good second installment to the Strain series (which I read after I engulfed this one). It was gruesome, raw, scary and action packed. There were a lot of different point of views in this book and at first I got frustrated being shuffled from one character to another, but it had a movie feel. After about 70 pages I got used to it and couldn’t stop reading it. The vampires portrayed here are ugly and are fixated on finding and killing their dear ones or close family relatives for more than just food – they want to turn them into white skinned, vampires that are filled with bloodworms – eek! These vamps whip out their tongues to suck you dry – yuck! Yet, *shiver* I can’t stop myself from reading more.

The females in this gruesome tale took a back burner in this second book, but there was just so much going on, I truthfully didn’t notice. This book reads like a scary, suspenseful movie. So don’t go expecting deep plot explanations and delving into the thoughts of the characters. This read is for the sheer purpose of scaring you and kicking up your adrenaline.

Now I’d have to be honest and say that I hated the ending (because it made me sad), but it was a great ride getting there and made me really want to read the 3rd book.

~ by LM Preston on August 15, 2010.

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