IRON MAN 2 – Movie Review

Testosterone, action, guns, kick tail special effects, deadly sexy women, cutting wit and a decent plot. Who could ask for more? You don’t have to with this movie. We are reacquainted with our off-beat hero that’s arrogant, rough around the edges, a womanizer and sarcastically funny. Downy plays this part to a T. Unfortunately, being Iron man comes with a price – his life. He becomes even more unstable, starts sharing with his friends and holds it all inside.

The movie starts off with a huge party, the villains – who I loved by the way, and the revelation of a secret organization. While Iron man is slipping into depression of his inevitable death, he’s attacked. He saves us again while his world comes tumbling down around him. He reconnects with his father’s memory and realizes that his father did ‘love’ him in his own way. That his father thought he measured up, and in doing so he gains renewed purpose.

Now armed with a partner in crime, he brings down the evil plot of the two quirky villains who are out to humiliate and kill him.

This was a awesome ride. I give it 5 out of 5. Even though it had action, a smidge of romance, and great special effects, it also had a semblance of a plot.

~ by LM Preston on May 11, 2010.

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