Diary of A Wimpy Kid – Movie Review

Let’s just say my kids dragged me to this one. All but three of the four actually read the book. The movie was most enjoyed by my 13yr old who gave it the highest ranking. Poor Greg never, ever seems to get a break. The movie is comprised of let down after let down for him and his group of friends. The one aspect of the movie that all of my kids stated made it less enjoyable than the book was the fact that the kid never seemed to get a true victory from his brother’s abuse, the abuse of the kids at school, or any of his mishaps – and when he did, it didn’t add up to the amount of let downs he had. I asked them if they liked the book better and why. They all agreed that the book was better due to the quirky drawings created by the illustrator. Those drawings took away the depressing nature of the overall story. Now at the end he does get a small break or two, but after the many let downs my kids said they left the movie still on a sad note. My kids scored the movie 2 out of 5. So, if you are dying to go see it, just go with an open mind. It’s kinda dry if your kids are action seekers like mine.

~ by LM Preston on April 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “Diary of A Wimpy Kid – Movie Review”

  1. That poor kid doesn’t get a victory? Bummer – it looks like the type of set-up that just begs for a huge success at the end.

    Was the movie funny?

  2. It had some funny parts, but now bowl you over hilarious.

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