Clash of the Titans – Movie Review

What can I say? The dude that played Perseus (Sam Worthington) was hot. I think that added some points to my overall rating. The story starts off with a fisherman finding a baby. That kid, Perseus is taught to be a fisherman like his adopted father. After the death of his family due to a mishap of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, he’s on a mission to kill or destroy Hades. Now, okay, I can see why he would want to go against this underworld god. But it’s just not super realistic. He’s a fisherman that was never taught or trained as a warrior – and he decides he has what it takes to destroy the Kraken and a god? Anyway, he goes to the town that ends up having to sacrifice their innocent princess to the kraken only to be named as a demigod and be blamed for the towns misfortune. He teams up with the warriors who go to find a way to stop the Kraken and Hades. The overall story was rather weak. Okay, very weak. The special effects, fight sequences and action was great! I actually believe the story in the older version of this movie was a lot better, but hey I stayed in the theatre because of the awesome effects. By the way, I love the way they did Medusa. I really like that character and would love for them to do a movie about her. My rating for this movie is a 3 out of 5. I’ll definately buy it because sometimes you just want an awesome ride, not a thought provoking film. This is a great ride.

~ by LM Preston on April 9, 2010.

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