I don’t know where to start. I really wanted to see this movie. It looked like it would be exciting, suspenseful – kinda like one of my favorite movies of this sort, The Sixth Sense (my absolute favorite). In a word – I was disappointed.
I checked the reviews and figured they were decent. (Truth is – I would have gone anyway.)

The movie got off to a pretty good start. Leonardo and his partner set off to investigate an mysterious escape from Alcatraz. They questioned the prisoners, hurt some too, and slowly we saw Leonardo sink into a dismal conspiracy. Unfortunately, it was downright boring. If I hadn’t have spend my $10 I would have left about halfway through the movie. Really, I would have, and I really like Leonardo.

The good part of this boring journey was the twist at the end (If you want to call it a twist – because my spoil sport husband figured out the ending about 1/4th through the movie). All that corny dullness led up to an ending that made seeing the movie worth it. Because the ending was so good, I give this movie 2 starts out of 5. Wait for the video (rent it).

~ by LM Preston on March 17, 2010.

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