I’ve read lots of books, seen tons of movies about kids and adults who become the stuckie for some popular kid. The stuckie usually gets to be the one to give everything to their ‘star friend’ and they always get the short end of the stick. I always wonder if the kid ever grows out of that co-dependency. I like to think that some do.


As a kid, I had a serious candy habit. I would buy a pack of Now and Later’s every day after school. They only cost about ten cents a pack and I would use my fifty cent allowance on them most of the time. My favorite flavors were watermelon and green apple. Funny thing was – that was everyone’ favorite flavors too.

The only time I could eat the candy was during recess. I tried all kinds of ways to conceal them as I would sneak one of the twelve pieces into my salivating mouth. I swear to you, each and every time I broke open the package kids across the play yard heard it.

They would come running – kids that laughed at me, teased me, threatened to beat me up and that I frankly didn’t like. They would beg, tell me they would be nice to me, and then snatch my candy.

As I got older things changed. I had friends that were so nice to me, only to find out that behind my back they were making moves on my boyfriends or saying hateful lies to people who were getting to know me. These ‘friends’ would take my kindness and thirsty desire for friendship and twist it to their personal gain.


True friends – I’ve been blessed by many. In that I’ve been lucky. A true friend gives as much as they take. When you are in a jam and need their help, they try within their power to help you. They support you, and see your successes with pride, knowing that you are truly grateful for their support. They don’t keep taking with the expectations that you give. When you do give, they are sincerely thankful – and they tell you so.


If you have a ‘friend’ that has taking your kindness as a form of weakness, and you find that they are using you, take matters in hand. Meaning if you see that you are the only one giving and they never give back, they just take, take, take – then treat you as though you should be happy to give to them, you’ve got a user on your hands. You need to stand up for yourself and let them know what they are doing.

One bit of advice my Nana gave to me that has stuck with me all of my life, “No one can do to you – anything that you don’t allow them too.” Which means when you find that someone have pushed you too far – let them know it – and follow up with actions not just words.

~ by LM Preston on February 4, 2010.

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