I have always, always, always had a passion for karate flicks. I grew up when Bruce Lee was the hottest action star smoking. Everyone wanted to be in one of his movies. I even took martial arts because of my obsession with his movies. You would think I would have outgrown him and flicks like that, but I haven’t.

One of my hobbies or obsessions, is to go to the local flea market and purchase karate flicks. I talk the vendor down to 4 for $25 because I go so often.


I remember a beta reader, an older guy, telling me that he absolutely loved my fight scences. He commented on how real they seemed. He wasn’t the only one. Many of my beta’s said they loved my descriptions and the defensive moves my smaller characters made.

Well I get a lot of my material from all of those years watching those Karate movies and wishing I was in them. Hey, some of the moves I even tried out on my baby brother (shhhhh…. Don’t tell him I told you that).

NINJA ASSASINS – the most recent Karate movie I went to see

Now that you know all about my obsession, then you know why I went to see this movie. This movie had it all. Cool moves, blood, a little romance, and fighting. However, even for me – a gore queen – it was a bit over the top on the blood. I would have preferred more fighting without so much cutting or slicing. This movie made KILL BILL look like a walk in the park.

With that said, I still enjoyed it. I admit it, I have a tough stomach and I couldn’t stop watching it. I did notice though that some of the ladies in the theatre got out of there. When I did go to the bathroom, one lady asked me, “Oh my, it was too much for me! What about you?” and I looked at her and said, “Oh it’s violent, but I can handle it.” We both laughed and I went back to join my husband who has the same obsession.

My recommendations for this movie is, don’t expect it to win an award. If you like gore, fighting, skimpy romance with just a chaste kiss, then you just may enjoy this movie. If I was to rate it, I’d give it a 2 stars only because I’ve seen much better karate flicks than this one.

~ by LM Preston on December 8, 2009.


  1. One of my favorite films ever is still Red Shadow (especially as there has been no dub of the film), though I highly recommend the two Azumi films as well. There is a surprising variety on offer these days, and I still remember when all that was available either came from Cannon (the three clans of ninjas in handy black, white and red costumes always amused me) or a narrow selection from the seventies. Things have improved so much in the last few years.

    If you see the DVD, make sure to pick up Ong Bak for the Jackie Chan-esque manner in which Tony Jaa throws himself around. I think we have a contender for Craziest Action Star in the making. No special effects were used for his physical feats, and every time he does something impossible you’ll find youself skipping back and watching him in slow motion. The man is either a genius or is insane – he’s brilliant to watch, no matter what he is.

  2. Oh yeah, I already own Ong Bak, lol! see I told you I’m addicted.

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